« For Chanterax, making art means transporting and imprinting on canvas what she sees, meets and feels in life, drawing from the world and the surrounding reality that surrounds her to find interesting ideas and references to develop. Her art is born from the interior and is projected in her works in creative journey characterized by the Pop Art style acquired with full self-awareness, consolidated over time and gradually. An original and brilliant artist, not only for her pictorial qualities, but also for the purity of the feeling of art that guides her work. A mastery of the expressive means that consecrates painting her ideal, her reasoning, her love through the use of a clear and direct language mainly oriented towards a figurative style. The artist proves to have an almost intimate personal style in which even the chromatic choice is not made by chance, but strongly linked to her contextuality.

It is precisely the color that characterizes the expressive power of Chanterax, giving her works a unique, almost suspended appearance, an expression of the artist’s most intimate sensations and passions. And so extreme freedom leads us to a lightning emotion. Passionate and sincere despite the trends of the moment, with courage, she never left the path of the figurative. Works of great intensity and beauty created with skill, technique and a lot of competence by a skilled poet of art. »

The protagonists of her works are made perfect by the purity of the colors as they come to life from a process of catharsis performed by the artist’s mind. Chanterax tell us, thanks to her sunny pictorial journey, her art and tells us how much it is still possible to tell the truth through an original poetic writing and a wise use of color. An intimate relationship with truth that reveals her magical dimension of life and personal story. All inserted within a suspended atmosphere in which the inserted subjects become witnesses of a new and renewed identity. Chanterax becomes so an artist with a strong personality and her protagonists give us the authentic sense of life.

Critical text written by Giulia Zanesi Art Curator

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